DBF based Satellite Tracking Station

DBF based Satellite Tracking Station

The core project for Celestia eScan is the development of the “DBF based Satellite Tracking Station”.

This tracking station is built over a single spherically shaped antenna, with a diameter of 4 meters and with more than 3000 radiating element distributed over its surface, that using DBF is capable of providing, depending on the specific requirements, the same service as between 20 and 30 standard parabolic antennas would do, with clear advantages with respect to them regarding operation and maintenance costs.

The antenna and so the tracking station is oriented to LEO (Low Orbit Satellites) satellites, for providing typical TT&C or IOT services.

In fact, as a step prior to the true project, Celestia eScan has already developed a prototype, based on a representative sub-set of radiating elements, for validating the approach both mechanically and from the Radio-Frequency point of view, with impressive results, greatly matching with the expected ones previously obtained by means of electrical and mechanical simulations.

In parallel, with the target of being able to fully extrapolate those results to the complete system, additional and improved simulation tools have been developed, which in turn have been tested against the real measurements getting a high grade of consistency with them.


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