Digital Beam Forming

The base of the Celestia eScan business model is the development of antenna systems able to provide clear advantages over the current solutions when tracking several satellites simultaneously.

With this objective in mind, Celestia eScan starting with the Electronic Beam Forming (EBF) technology, and adding the proper digital signal processing, develops its antenna systems based on the so called Digital Beam Forming (DBF) technique.

The basic principle behind the EBF concept means a set of radiating elements properly distributed over a surface and conveniently combined in phases, such that they conform an antenna beam by adding, in a constructive pattern, the contributions of each of them regarding reception gain and transmitted power.

As shown in the animation, the system shall be optimized such that every single radiating element receive and transmit with differential phase with respect to the others, so that the addition of every signal contribution in a constructive way creates a wavefront according to the expected propagation direction.


In principle, it is easy to conclude that using N radiating elements to provide the same services as with a standard single parabolic antenna, may not be so advantageous due to the extra complexity added. But it shall kept in mind, and this is the key, that EBF schemes make possible trimming the above mentioned differential phases of each element, which can be done by electronic means exclusively, then modifying the pointing of the generated beam with no need of servo or moving parts that could get abraded, and at a rate incomparably higher.

Additionally, the EBF systems conveniently designed and complemented with the proper digital signal processing (DBF), allow conforming several simultaneous beams in different directions and handling several concurrent carriers in every beam, clearly providing an extra of flexibility and opening even more the spectrum of possible target applications for the technology.



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