The company

Who are we?

Celestia eScan belongs to the Celestia Group, a multidisciplinary set of companies with an important technological background in Radio Frequency based systems and, in general, in data transmission over radio in space and ground environments.

In fact, Celestia eScan gets focused in turning the “know how” of the Celestia Group regarding Digital Beam Forming (DBF) into specific products intended for the satellite tracking stations market.

Why Celestia eScan?

“Celestia eScan emerges as response to the current evolution of the LEO satellites environment out there”.

We are facing a scenario evolving towards a deep cost optimization of satellite systems:

· New technologies, “Of The Shelf” (so called COTS) in many cases, reduce initial costs, simplify the design and manufacturing of satellite devices, and take advantage of the miniaturization of the components.

· Launching costs going down due to new specialized and more flexible launching facilities, together with the size and weight reduction of the satellites coming from the above mentioned technology evolution.

As result, new and different business models become possible, mainly based on much shorter in orbit life times and permanent technological update of the satellite platforms.

Due to these points above, a continuous increase  in the amount of operative LEO satellites is currently perceived with, at the same time, good market growing perspectives for the medium term thanks to the announced new big constellations, together with a bunch of new specific industrial applications coming into scene.

Specifically referring to the satellite tracking stations environment, the new upcoming scenario leads to the need for simultaneously tracking a big amount of satellites during relatively short passes, travelling at high angular rates.

Given this perspective, the solutions currently available in the market mean large farms of parabolic antennas which mechanical positioning devices shall be able to permanently update their pointing very fast. These facts immediately imply an unprecedent increase of the initial installation expenses and of the later operation and maintenance costs.

“In contrast, Celestia eScan proposes the installation of a multi-beam and multi-carrier DBF based single antenna with no moving parts at all, capable of simultaneously tracking an important number of satellites, travelling at high angular rates in any direction”.

By default, the Celestia eScan solution significantly reduces the installation, operation and maintenance costs simply because with a single device with no moving parts, the eScan station is capable of covering the same service as current solutions would do with tens of parabolic antennas with mechanical positioners, taking a large extension of land, and with the huge operation and maintenance infrastructure it means.

Moreover, the Celestia eScan antenna system, offers a great flexibility, being able to get nearly online adapted to any new demand from our customers, which leads to a maximum optimization of the usage of the “air time” available, and so, again of the operating costs.

Bearing all these arguments in mind, it is easy to conclude that the Celestia eScan antenna system remarkably goes in line with the expected evolution of the LEO market in the medium term, not only from the technical perspective, but also regarding service provision versus costs expected ratios.


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